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Book Nutrition To Climb Desnivel

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Book Nutrition To Climb Desnivel, your relationship with food has great impact on body, health and performance...

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Nutrition, body, mind and performance are one…

Nutrition is one of the factors that determine physical performance. And although there are many ways to adapt nutrition to achieve your goals, the Book Nutrition To Climb Desnivel focuses on health, aesthetics and performance. His author and friend, Luis Rodríguez, Senior Dietetician and high-level climber (with a quartet of ninths to his credit and 8b on sight), realized the great impact that nutrition and training had on the life of a athlete (or any person) and decided to direct his professional life towards the field of nutrition and health.

The Book Nutrition To Climb Desnivel pours all its wisdom to, in a simple and practical way, provide us with resources with which to learn to eat before, during and after climbing. It addresses a wide variety of topics such as the physiology of climbing, problems related to eating and exercise, climbing diet, what to eat and how to eat, food and the menstrual cycle, hydration, learning about food, and ends with a good handful. of varied recipes to inspire you. In addition, it is accompanied by interviews about nutrition with climbers such as Alberto Ginés, Dani Andrada, Daila Ojeda, Urko Carmona or Patxi Usobiaga, among others.

Luis Rodríguez dismantles myths related to nutrition in general, and climbing culture in particular, so that you are freer when making your own decisions. The Book Nutrition To Climb Desnivel is an essential manual with which it will be easy for you to find your way of eating and performing in a healthy way in this exciting sport.

«Your relationship with food is going to be what really has a big impact on your body, health and performance. Therefore, the best diet for climbing will be the one that you can maintain over time, the one that improves your health, performance and aesthetics».

«Sports nutrition goes beyond eating protein before or after physical exercise. It encompasses all our food preferences, the decisions we make from the time we get up to the time we go to sleep. All the choices will really have an impact on our climbing and/or training days».

«I firmly believe that we are what we eat, what we think and what we do, and we must be consistent with these three principles in our lives».
Urko Carmona

Author: Luis Rodríguez
No. of pages.: 272
Format: 16,5 x 22cm
Bookbinding: rustic
Subject: climbing nutrition
Language: spanish
Edition: 1ª
Date: 2023

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ISBN: 9788498296341