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Book Attitude the Art of Climbing Desnivel

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Book Attitude the Art of Climbing Desnivel, a different training...

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A different training…

"I can't, I can't get there, I don't have the strength!" Who has not been overwhelmed by these thoughts at some time? These are some of the recurring ideas that flood our minds when we are climbing a route. We live in a society that has indoctrinated us for generations in order to underestimate our capabilities. The Book Attitude the Art of Climbing Desnivel proposes the unlearning of these principles and the necessary re-education for the inner growth of each individual that will lead us, without a doubt, to "ascend", either by one way or in the most varied aspects of our life. life.

The Book Attitude the Art of Climbing Desnivel presents the global training proposal of the climber Juan José Andújar Carsí –better known as Hippie–, inspired by martial arts, which is committed to inner growth, promoting play, exploration, concentration techniques and breathing, in addition to the most common strength training, to enter a new dimension of personal knowledge that will ultimately result in improved performance and enjoyment in climbing.

This 5th expanded edition of the Book Attitude the Art of Climbing Desnivel delves into concepts related to breathing such as the Sanchin kata of karate-do and kung fu, and also the yoga asana Surya Namaskar (sun salutation) that, practiced regularly, so many benefits can contribute in this integral concept of training that is the ATTITUDE method.

«A positive Mental Attitude is the key, not to immediate success but to trying things with enthusiasm and true courage. This is essential in the art of climbing…».
Daniel Andrada

"An essential book for all who want to master" the art of climbing. Mental balance, strength and technique are a trinomial that is as difficult to separate as it is to combine. These wise tips that you have in your hands will help you on this complicated path to success.
Brothers Pou, Iker and Eneko

Author: Juan José Andújar "Hippie"
No. of pages.: 176
Format: 16,5 x 22cm
Bookbinding: rustic
Subject: climbing handbook
Language: spanish
Edition: 5ª
Date: 2022

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ISBN: 9788498296129