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  • Holds iHolds - J2 Top30
  • Holds iHolds - J2 Top30
  • Holds iHolds - J2 Top30
  • Holds iHolds - J2 Top30
  • Holds iHolds - J2 Top30

2 Wooden Balls 12cm Dolmen

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2 Wooden Balls 12cm Dolmen, the wood power in your hands. FREE SHIPPING in our Climbing Shop (PENINSULA ONLY)

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12cm Balls, wood power in your hands...

2 Wooden Balls 12cm Dolmen, ideal for big hands, are the perfect element to do pull ups and get the most out of your training and gain maximum strength. Being totally spherical, you can work perfectly the strength of your hands thanks to its perfect ergonomics. They come with a safety cap on the bottom to avoid sticking your fingers.

2 Wooden Balls 12cm Dolmen have a very elaborate design, a nice touch and are made of Beech wood (hardwood, shatterproof, free of defects and extremely resistant). A great feature that have wood as opposed to resin, is the roughness. The grip of the resin helps you to catch, but with the wooden ones you do all the strength.
In addition, these Balls are designed to loosen their inner nut a little and make them rotary, so they turn on their axis and it is even harder to get hold of them. 

2 Wooden Balls 12cm Dolmen can also be hung on the boulder to practice roofs exits and/or tilt changes with imbalance, which will increase the control of the famous "hinges or doors".
Designed by climbers, for climbers!!!

NOTE: Recommended for indoor use. DO NOT leave outdoors. Wood outside may have cracks due to temperature changes.

Material: Beech wood
Diameter: 12cm
Weight: 600gr x 2 approx.
Use: Training, Competition

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