Knee Pad Komori Garra

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Knee Pad Komori Garra, robust and light... FREE SHIPPING (Peninsula Only)

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Conceived for hard kneebars!!!

Knee Pad Komori Garra comes with 2.5mm rubber of high grip and density. It is ideal to kneebar in peaks and edges and not losing touch in the most delicate ones. It is made of very resistant, durable and pleasant to the touch natural leather.

Knee Pad Komori Garra has an easy-fit wrap-around design. It fits with a velcro and is adjusted with three adjustable straps, which can be crossed so that they do not disturb the posterior ligament. Its front part is pronounced and rounded to take advantage of these small kneebars. The posterior bend allows the leg to flex as the climber moves.

Knee Pad Komori Garra comes with three aluminum buckles which allow you to fasten it quickly and safely, as well as easily loosen it, even climbing. The buckles do not slip and can be tightened as much as you like. The more you pull, the more it locks.

Rubber: 2.5mm
Size: 20x56cm
Rubber size: 18x19cm
Weight: 280gr approx.

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