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ClipStick PinGo

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ClipStick PinGo, lightweight, compact and practical..FREE SHIPPING (Peninsula Only)

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Lightweight, Compact and Practical

ClipStick PinGo is today the most versatile, lightweight and compact on the market. With it you will be able to clip, put the quickdraws in the whole route, passing the rope through an express or recovering the rope. Its size of 52cm and its weight of 230gr make it perfect to carry it in the backpack or hanging from the harness without noticing it. Once extended, it locks by friction and has a length of 235cm, so has a range of about 5m.

ClipStick PinGo features:
Lightweight, only 230gr
Compact, 52cm folded
Versatile, 235cm extended (reach 5m approx.)
3 functions, clipping the draw, passing rope and recovering rope
Quick clip system
Elastic replaceable when worn or broken by simply turning a screw
 - Compatible with most carabiners
 - Easy to use, friction lock

With ClipStick PinGo you can start a route with the first or second quickdraw in, put the express in your project saving energy for a good go, pass the rope through any draw and recovering the rope at any time.

Material: Fiberglass, PVC, lightened PETG and elastic tape
Size: 52-235cm (range 5m approx.)
Weight: 230gr
Type: Telescopic
Use: Sport Climbing, Trad, Multipich

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