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Fingerboard Basic V3 RoKodromo

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Fingerboard Basic V3 RoKodromoEvolution in Wood... FREE SHIPPING (Peninsula Only)

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Evolution in Wood

Fingerboard Basic Board V3 RoKodromo is the third version of our best-seller. It is essential for your house or gym. Its asymmetrical design, 58x8x5cm size and highly crafted finishes offer a wide range of possibilities to improve your strength and climbing skills. At the same time, it is not at all harmful or aggressive for the skin because it is made of wood.

Fingerboard Basic Board V3 RoKodromo features:
- 2 mono fingers 40mm deep with very ergonomic profile
- 2 two finger pockets 40mm deep also very rounded
- 2 crimps 40mm deep for 4 fingers, rounded like the pockets
- Upper jug for pull-ups carefully designed to provide exceptional grip and comfort allowing you to support your big toe and increase strength exactly as if it were a pull-up bar
- 4 additional plugs that allow you to adjust the grip depth according to your needs (2x2mm and 2x3mm)
- 4 wall fixing screws included
- INDOOR use

NOTE: Do not force when screwing. Stop once offers resistance or considers safe. For a better assembly put a wooden support between the fingerboard and the wall.

Material: solid wood
Size: 58x8x5cm
Weight: 2kg approx.
Use: training

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