Rope Monkey 9 SPD FixeRoca
  • Rope Monkey 9 SPD FixeRoca
  • Rope Monkey 9 SPD FixeRoca
  • Rope Monkey 9 SPD FixeRoca

Rope Monkey 9 SPD FixeRoca

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Rope Monkey 9 SPD FixeRoca, ideal for high performance Sport and Trad climbers. FREE SHIPPING in our Climbing Shop (PENINSULA ONLY)

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For high-level Climbing

Rope Monkey 9 SPD is the 2º lightest for use in Simple of FixeRoca and possibly on market.
Ideal for demanding "onsight" routes up to 40 m or more, trad routes of adventure terrain and for the most extreme projects in which every gram saved and all the friction that can be reduced are crucial to success.
Its triple homologation, ENDURANCE, SPIDERWIRE (SPD) and FULL DRY, make the Monkey 9 SPD in an all-terrain Rope, for both traditional double and/or twin climbers as well as the most advanced sports climbers. Its construction reduces the penetration of ice, dust and sand between the filaments, which prolongs its life to the máximum.


It improves the sliding of the ropes on the surfaces where they work (carabiners, descenders...). For this, the best quality yarns are used, in conjunction with the new FixeRoca construction system. This creates ropes with unique features in the market. ENDURANCE technology makes the rope more pleasant to the touch, withstands 30% more cycles of abrasion and provides a feeling of greater fluidity when climbing.
Optimizes the performance of the fibers, achieving an optimal balance in the whole rope. This increases the number of falls by 30% and achieves a lower impact force. Thanks to the SPD technology, we have reduced diameter ropes with the same features as their older sisters and a reduced impact force. This makes the ropes may be light, comfortable and durable.
Maximum protection against ice, humidity, dust… as well as increasing movement capability and resistance to abrasion. This logotype indicates its compliance with the UIAA Water Repellent regulations. All FULL DRY ropes have a water absorption of less than 5%. Suitable for wet, dusty areas, Alpine and Ice Climbing.
Middle Mark (markup that indicates the middle of the rope to improve safety)

All this makes Rope Monkey 9 SPD FixeRoca ideal for sports climbers and trad climbers who like lightness and fluidity.
Not suitable for amateurs or inexperienced climbers belaying.

IMPORTANT: It is highly recommended to climb the first 100 m without falling using both ends. Otherwise, the rope can not stretch well and the sheath could be damaged unnecessarily.

Diameter: 9 mm
Length: 60, 80, 100 m
Impact force: Simple 7,8 kN, Double 6 kN, Twin 9,2 kN
Number of falls: Simple 7, Double ≥20, Twin ≥20
Weight per meter: 58 gr
80 kg static elongation: 5%
Use: single, double, twin rope, high level climber
EN892 – CE0082 – UIAA

NOTE: Colours depending on stock.

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