Rope Kata Dry 9.7 Singing Rock
  • Rope Kata Dry 9.7 Singing Rock
  • Rope Kata Dry 9.7 Singing Rock
  • Rope Kata Dry 9.7 Singing Rock

Rope Kata Dry 9.7 Singing Rock

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Rope Kata Dry 9.7 Singing Rock, for all climbers with InterCore & TEFLON Tech. FREE SHIPPING in our Climbing Shop (PENINSULA ONLY)

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Lightweight, ultra robust, durable and with InterCore & TEFLON

Rope Kata Dry 9.7 Singing Rock provides super high resistance to abrasion thanks to the sandwich-type construction of braided layers and the use of specially developed staple fibers. The unique patented InterCore technology provides maximum safety even in case of a damaged sheath. Its narrow diameter and great handling provide easy manipulation in all belay devices.

Rope Kata Dry 9.7 Singing Rock features:
Special treatment that gives the rope an extraordinary water and abrasion resistance. The TEFLON layer also effectively prevents the intrusion of dust particles into the rope structure and thus increases its lifespan.

Special plastic etiquette applied to the end of the rope by thermotransfer (heat and pressure). This marking is durable and does not create any broad forms on the ends of the rope. 
The best way of rope ending. This means that the load-bearing core and the protective sheath are joined into a compact unit in the last 15mm of the rope with Ultrasonic technology.
Marking that points the middle of the rope to improve safety, which does not interrupt the core structure and its mechanical properties.

All this makes Rope Kata Dry 9.7 Singing Rock a high-end climbing rope with high safety factors and extremely high durability. Suitable for beginners, climbers with less experience and for the most experienced.

IMPORTANT: It is highly recommended to climb the first 100m without falling using both ends. Otherwise, the rope can not stretch well and the sheath could be damaged unnecessarily.

Diameter: 9.7mm       
Length: 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 100, 200m
Impact force: 7.7kN
Number of falls: 5
Weight: 61gr/m
Static elongation: 9%
Dynamic elongation: 30%
Use: high level climber
EN892 – CE1019 - UIAA

NOTE: Colours depending on stock

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