Chalk Bag Comic Sierra

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Chalk Bag Comic Sierra, sustainable economy, in BARCELONA. FREE SHIPPING (Peninsula Only)

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Exclusive designs, proximity materials and made in BARCELONA!

Chalk Bag Comic Sierra is made of environmentally friendly materials, organic cottons and recycled polyesters. Designed and manufactured for those climbers looking for lightness with an attractive, unique and cool design with dimensions that ensure high capacity and easy access to chalk.

Chalk Bag Comic Sierra comes with a good rigid opening designed for climbers with normal and/or large hands. With brush compartment, 110cm click closure belt and Korda’s brand adjustable cord handle. In addition, it incorporates an intermediate layer to prevent the chalk goes out and dirty outer drawing and it comes with a 20gr free sample of magnesium Sierra.

Chalk Bag Comic Sierra is manufactured with local fabrics and entirely in Barcelona. When you buy it you are helping to maintain the society where you live through sustainable economy business. Probably the most conscious and organic chalk bag on market.

 - Mouth: 12cm
 - Width: 12cm
 - Height: 14cm
Weight: 120gr approx.
Use: Any Climbing, Training

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