Belay Glasses Plasfun Y&Y

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Belay Glasses Plasfun Y&Y, best value for everyone. Belay without neck pain. FREE SHIPPING (Peninsula Only)

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Lightness, quality and price - belay without neck pain!

Plasfun Y&Y are the same Belay Glasses as Plasfun Color but with a simplified packaging and case what allow to have a better price.
Many belay sessions on Climbing trips can become an extremely uncomfortable experience as well as painful. The use of Belay Glasses
Plasfun Y&Y will give you maximum concentration and safety, as always you are looking the climber without need to rest for muscle overload in the neck.

Why choose Plasfun Y&Y?       
- Exceptional value
- Lightweight and flexible plastic (you'll forget that you wear them)
- Frame that allows the superposition with other glasses (graduated or of sunglasses)
- High-quality optical prisms (clear image and comfortable vision)
- Thin frame that allows double vision: climber/environment
- Quality case with plastic carabiner to attach to the harness

Belay Glasses Plasfun Y&Y offer double vision, as they allow you to see and belay your partner through the prisms without looking up, but also you can see around and your hands just moving the eyes.
They can be adapted to belayers who use both prescription glasses and sunglasses. You just have to put them in front of the glasses and wear them as high as possible over on the nose.
It can be used whether in Climbing Wall, by anyone apart from their age, or on the Rock to enjoy the best outdoors climbs.

- Case specially adapted with plastic carabiner
- Holding glasses cord

Frame: High strength plastic
Prisms: BK7, high quality optical glasses
Weight: 36gr approx.
Use: Climbing, Competition

Prices are ONLY for the Peninsula. Islands, Ceuta, Melilla, Portugal and International ask price



Y&Y Instructions and Tips

The best tips for getting the most out of your Belay Glasses Y&Y

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